We want to build products that help businesses meet the emerging needs of their customers.


What we do

With everything we do, it is about deepening value and positioning for the future.

what we do

We partner with daring technology and solution innovators to solve problems our enterprise customers have or foresee.

what we do

We invest in companies building very unique solutions that disrupt sectors and improve the experience for our customers.

what we do

Internally, we research new trends and opportunities that align with our customer segments and organisational interests.

What we watch out for

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything”.

-Sean Gerety

  1. Founders understand the peculiar challenges of their target customers and have very clear thought process on how to solve them.
  2. The solution can be replicated across the board to mulitple customers willing to pay and with minimum customization.
  3. They have a clear understanding of the resources they need to build this and can also present a net-positive business model.
  4. It is an added advantage if they have an MVP running with initial traction (money, users etc) but need the support to scale.

“Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”

-Steve Jobs - Founder Apple

At Ouranos Lab, we enable entrepreneurship. We provide domain insights, help with experimentation, invest in great technology, and provide a unique blend of operational support and capital, so founders can focus on building and scaling.

-Segun Maleghemi - Chief Innovation Officer

Meet the leadership team

ouranos team
Joseph Aransiola

Managing Director,
Ouranos Technologies

ouranos team
Mfon Okon

Chief Operating Officer,
Ouranos Technologies

ouranos team
Segun Maleghemi

Chief Innovation Officer,
Ouranos Lab.